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About Me

About Me

Tamara Leigh is the Founder/Owner of Tamara Leigh, LLC, – Engaging Your Audience to TREND ON You! I created Tamara Leigh, LLC to bring under one umbrella the broad range of my talents and services to meet the needs of clients on multiple Communications platforms.

Pic1As the originator & host of Tamara Leigh’s TREND ON which began in 2012 with Heidi Feemster every Wednesday at 10 am (CT) on the Linked Local Network on blogtalkradio, I feature guest interviews of current trends from business and politics to entertainment, fashion, parenting and lifestyle topics imbibed with personality and social energy.

My greatest accomplishments are my 5 children, who in spite of extremely challenging circumstances, have grown into young adults with an enjoyment of life and others, resiliency and sense of humor, and individual strength of character. Credit is due to a solid family foundation that was laid early in our home. “Love my job as Mom!”

In 2011, I taught English at a German corporation & German high school – a wonderful experience with the people, region and culture. My daughters & I traveled Europe, visiting France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Italy & the UK. I’m grateful to dear friends who made this exceptional professional and personal experience possible.

Life surprises me all the time, in Forrest Gump-like fashion and mostly good, but on those occasions when it turns out a lot harder than I ever imagined, I never give up working to change it for the better. Serendipity and a bit of “je ne sais quoi” have helped. Strong Communication (written and oral) and People skills haven’t hurt.

After “College Interrupted”, I earned a BA in Communications while working full-time and single-parenting.

Milwaukee Film Fest Collaborative Cinema Recommendation: “Our mentors [were] impressed with Tamara’s writing style and general sense of dramatic/comedic build up.”

Specialties:Amanda Sloane Murray, SCRIPTBIRD Script Consultant said: “Tamara Leigh script…is a fun, light-hearted romantic comedy, tonally light-hearted with a healthy sense of humor…the action is based firmly in reality and has it’s feet planted solidly on the ground… One of the stand-out elements of the script is the witty banter exchanged between [characters]. This makes even the longer, dialogue-driven scenes read quickly and smoothly…the snappy insults at the Cubs game, for example, were hilarious.”