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November 2013

Self-Publish? Me? Yes! Tamara Leigh’s TREND ON with Kim Bookless

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/linkedlocalnetwork/2013/11/27/self-publish-me-yes-w-kim-bookless-tamaraleighs-trend-on *Show airs LIVE, Wed.11/27/13 at 10:00am CT & available for archival listens after via the link) Is writing a book on your to do list? What are your reasons for scripting that idea and making it happen? Are you the expert in your field and need the “new biz card” in the form of a book to write your way to more business? Is it the fulfillment of a …Read More

Shoot the Wild on Tamara Leigh’s TREND ON

 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/linkedlocalnetwork/2013/11/20/tamara-leighs-trend-on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3IRpkRJgfE Shooting the Wild with Jack Roper and Jeff Engel This weekend marks the opening of #deer hunting season, and as much as #Cheeseheadland has a strong tradition of #Packer backing and team WI colors, for the next 2 weeks, #blaze orange is the new #Green and Gold.  There’s more than just a hint of Fall in the air… something about melatonin and #“rut” (the deer mating season), and …Read More

A Tradition of Service, Family Values, and Patriotism

  Join us for a special show:  “Honor Flight & Veterans Day Tribute Tamara Leigh’s TREND ON” “Thank you. Thank you.” These humble words of appreciation were both given to and uttered by the #Veterans returning from the #SSHonorFlight trip to Washington D.C. at Mitchell Field Airport in Milwaukee on 11/2/13. #HonorFlights began in 2005 in Ohio by Earl Morse, a physician’s assistant and retired Air Force captain as a …Read More

Brothers Hynotic MFF2013 & TravelWisconsin.com Tamara Leigh’s TREND ON

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/linkedlocalnetwork/2013/10/02/tamara-leighs-trend-on-mff-brothershypnotic-travelwi Don’t you love #Packers Jordy Nelson in the Travel Wisconsin’s Fall commercial? I sure do! What do you call legendary Jazz era brass combined with Hip Hop youthful energy? Answer: The South Side Chicago based band of brothers at Milwaukee Film Fest’s Opening Night and featured in the documentary Brothers Hypnotic. Join Tamara Leigh’s TREND ON with Heidi Feemster LIVE 10:00am CT on 10/2/13 for an exclusive backstage interview …Read More