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December 2013

Creating stronger home and office culture through holiday traditions

What value do holiday traditions have & how do they enhance home or office culture? Join us TODAY LIVE at 10am CT, call in 1-323-580-5755 for Christmas celebration with guest Pastor Dan Yankunas of Solid Rock Church, Stillwater, Oklahoma for an inspiring holiday treat. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/linkedlocalnetwork/2013/12/18/whats-your-favorite-holiday-tradition-tamara-leighs-trend-on Is there a holiday tradition that you’ve continued for generations or a new one that you’ve just begun? What is the value of traditions and …Read More

The Perfect Stocking Stuffer for the Stylish Man: Pocket Squares

There’s a handful of handsome men in the public arena who need no adornment to turn heads, but since their “uniform” week after week is a suit and tie, I’ve been compelled to blog and tweet about 2 words: pocket squares. Not meant to be critical, but in writing about fashion and working as an image/style consultant, particularly in #menswear, I appreciate that those two little words speak so well …Read More

Winter & Holiday Fun from TravelWisconsin on Tamara Leigh’s TREND ON

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/linkedlocalnetwork/2013/12/04/paulette-light-authormomstamp-ceo-tamara-leighs-trend-on Anybody not notice winter arrived in a big, cold way all over the country?  Across the the nation the northerly blast of harsh temps, wind, and white stuff is pretty much making life miserable for most everyone, especially those states not used to winter’s worst. Here in Wisconsin, tough folks of the tundra, barely daunted by anything less than an all out blizzard, we’re still ready to get out …Read More