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A Little Help from GoFundMe and Shout Out for #SingleMoms #MothersDay

As we celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday, I want to give a belated shout out to the #SingleMoms who have to do double duty like myself. It’s a constant challenge where you never feel you do enough and are stretched so thin at times there’s barely anything of you there. However there are blessings that come and for my youngest (of 5 ) daughter who was just 6 yrs old when tragedy struck our family, she resolved in 3rd grade to commit her energies to excelling in her education. Through my working full time, in English Language Learning , she was able to go to Germany with me in 2011 and attend an International high school. Now as she heads into her senior year of University, she has maintained a 4.0gpa & is accepted to study abroad next year to complete her International Global Studies & French degrees. She plans to then continue on to graduate school for an International law degree. I’m an intensely proud mom and amazed how blessings came from many challenges & in spite of financial struggles. Thankful for platforms like gofundme that make even bigger dreams possible! https://lnkd.in/eh7zh-p