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Grow Your Community

untitledSmall businesses depend on their communities, so building relationships and friendships within the community is essential for success. In today’s world, online relationships are just as important as the ones that are managed offline.

In the era of digital media, small business owners and those looking to create something brighter for themselves, found that through social media and online platforms, they were able to make connections in entirely new ways. They discovered they could build their communities better, faster and easier. People were finding others who thought similarly on many levels.

Here at Tamara Leigh LLC, We believe in the “ACT” model of growing your followers or community:

A is for Attract. To attract means to get attention or stand out. Practically, this means attracting traffic to your website is your main online marketing tool. Nowhere is social media marketing more successful and useful than in the “attracting” phase of online marketing. During the attraction phase, you are trying to drive traffic to your site and stand out from the masses.

C is for Convert. Conversion happens when you turn a stranger into a consumer or customer. And there is a difference between the two! A consumer may take in your information or even sample your product, but he or she may not always buy. That’s okay! Over time, that consumer may become a customer. The more expensive a purchase, the longer it may take. This means that you constantly have to work to convert people into consumers and customers.

T is for Transform. You transform when you turn past and present successes into magnetic forces of attraction.

Your goal in growing your online community is to guide both your community and your members through each of these steps. Attract the right people. Convert them into useful, content-producing, experience-improving members. And then build on those successes to transform the community as a whole. Let us here at Tamara Leigh LLC help you first grow your community!