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Tamara Leigh, LLC is smart communications for your business whether seriously academic or seemingly lighthearted Trends On lifestyle across multiple platforms of delivery from Smart phones & Mobile Sites to Social Media, Content, Blogs & more.

Constructing your message to Communicate effectively and Engage Your Audience is my expertise. It’s an Art as ageless as Aristotle and as Trend-ing as now in today’s business and cultural marketplace.

Ethos, Pathos & Logos are the essential components of Aristotle’s rhetorical triangle that must be present in every Communication for an Audience to buy into your message.

Ethos — credibility, character and convincing argument that you are the authority on your area of expertise;

Pathos – appeals to the emotions and the sympathetic imagination, as well as to the beliefs and values of your audience;

Logos — appeals to reason and is the logic of your message

Tamara Leigh, LLC, Engaging Your Audience to Trend On You!.



Creative & Content Services

Between myself, and the trained staff of my partners – we offer excellent customer service. Our goal is to get you noticed and save you money at the same time. As a published author and content creator, Tamara Leigh and her team of Creative Services staff are trained and ready to tackle any project you give them from blogs to feature articles to more formal communications. With years of experience we can help you establish your brand and make your company grow.

Mobile Marketing

Your customers are mobile, is your company? More consumers are using mobile phones to search for goods and services in their areas. Learn how to take advantage of search engines for your local business. Over 50% of all purchases are preceded by an Internet search, and 80% of local business lies within a 5 mile radius. To get targeted customers, you need to be found in local search results. When people leave their homes, they take their keys, wallets, & cell phones. There is a shift in how people are communicating that you need to leverage. To take your local business to the next level, you need to fuse Local and Mobile marketing. Learn why they must go hand-in-hand to deliver stellar results.

Social Media & Digital Marketing

Tamara Leigh LLC will create a custom strategy to drive your brand. Our digital marketing strategies leverage our technical expertise to put your organization’s marketing initiatives on the cutting edge. Our capabilities include complete digital marketing strategies, website design & implementation, social media strategy. Our digital marketing strategies provide you with measurable results and a strong return on your investment.

Brand Creation

Your Brand is the most important part of your company. Here at Tamara Leigh LLC we understand how to create and how to sell your brand. We can help with all of your branding needs no matter how big or how small. We are here to give your brand a awesome image into the public’s eyes.


Web design is about much more than looking good. It’s about marrying interactive graphic design services with superior usability to deliver a solution that both excites your users and meets your business goals. We pride ourselves on creating visually compelling, effective websites that are easy for current and prospective users to navigate. We also offer top notch Social Media Design Packages.


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