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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing


Incorporating your branding strategy and corporate message into the design concepts, my team works with you to create social media profiles suited to meet your company’s marketing objectives. My services will help you set up your social media accounts, link the social platforms to your website or blog for automatic updates, and customize the look and feel of your profiles.




Once your company’s social media profiles are set up, I help you harness the full potential of each social networking application by syncing them to work alongside each other to ensure maximum visibility of your brand.




My team offers a 1-on-1 personalized coaching package which is designed for individuals or small business owners to leverage social media in their marketing campaigns. You will gain 24/7 access to our online resources, and live support from our social media coaches.




Tamara Leigh LLC offers social media management services tailored to your organization’s needs such as generating content, establishing a larger base of “followers”, and strengthening your online reputation. Using our tried and tested 5 step approach, we create your social media campaign according to your company’s objectives.