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Sustainable Negotiations with Dr. Eliane Karsaklian on Tamara Leigh’s Trend On


Dr. Eliane Karsaklian joins Tamara Leigh’s Trend On to discuss her new book, #SustainableNegotiations.

Dr. Eliane Karsaklian is an exceptional combination of big picture thinker, academic, and practical businessperson.  Dr. Karsaklian has lived and worked in a number of countries during her career and has mastered five languages. This gives her extensive knowledge and experience in negotiation techniques as well as intercultural relationships. Dr. Karsaklian also posts weekly articles on Intercultural topics on her LinkedIn feed.

She is an internationally known speaker, award-winning researcher, and professor who directs the Master Program for International Negotiation at Université Sorbonne in Paris. She is currently a Visiting Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Dr. Karsaklian is also the founder and president of Ubi & Orbi, which helps companies create multinational partnerships and productive working relationships with their overseas employees.  Dr. Eliane Karsaklian’ books can be purchased on amazon.com. For more, visit www.LinkedIn.com/in/ElianeKarsaklian and www.ubi-orbi.com

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