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Tamara Leigh’s “TREND ON”

Tamara Leigh’s TREND ON with Heidi

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Join us on Tamara Leigh’s TREND ON with Heidi every Wednesday at 10 am (CT)

TREND ON with Tamara Leigh and Heidi Feemster features weekly guest interviews of current trends from business to entertainment to lifestyle topics imbibed with two co-host’s personalities of Tamara’s social energy and Heidi’s technology expertise combined with their eclectic backgrounds.

Tamara Leigh is the Founder/Owner of Tamara Leigh, LLC, – Engaging Your Audience to TREND ON You!   As a Communications Expertise Company, Tamara created Tamara Leigh, LLC to bring under one umbrella the broad range of Tamara’s talents and services to meet the needs of clients on multiple Communications platforms:  Radio, Video, Speaking; Mobile Websites & Marketing; Social Media, Content & Writing — Tamara is a published free-lance author & scriptwriter; Image Consulting & Communication through Clothes; and InterCultural Communications (including English Language Acquisition & Cultural Adjustment & Training).


Heidi Feemster, Tamara Leigh's TREND ON Co-Host

Heidi Feemster, Tamara Leigh’s TREND ON Co-Host


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